Unforgettable Dinner at Haligi Beach

Michael and Lucy have been married for nine years and six months now and blessed with two kids named Anika and Lukas. The family stayed in one of the family deluxe rooms uphill where they can enjoy the view from their balcony. It was thru C&C Travel Denmark they have heard about Coco Beach Island Resort.


Two days before the end of their vacation, Michael had the idea of giving his wife a surprise dinner so he came to the reception and asked for assistance. At around 4:30 in the afternoon, they boarded in a boat accompanied by their personal butler Djan going to Haligi Beach. While Djan is busy setting up their table for dinner, the couple enjoyed swimming and watched the sunset together. Dining out in a secluded beach with only torch and candles lighting up the place and the waves as your background sound made this even more romantic.

Happiness reflected on Lucy's face showed how she was surprised and amazed with the arrangement. According to them it was perfect, unusual and a very relaxing dinner as they made them feel special.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 3:10:00 AM
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