The Tassler Scorpionfish

One of the most common fish to see in the coral reefs of Puerto Galera is a Scorpaenopsis oxycephala, otherwise known as the Tassler Scorpionfish.

The tassled scorpionfish is a carnivorous fish,they also have venomous spines same as the stonefish and lionfish. This fish can grow up to thirty-six (36) centimeters in leangth and it can have different colors. The adult tassled scorpionfish are bearded with a few tassles below the mouth and that is where this fish got its name. They are normally seen on coral reefs ranging from one meter to thirty-five (35) meters underwater. Most often they look like rock that is why sometimes people accidentally thread on their venomous spines wich causes painful injury.
Now can you see where the tassled scorpionfish is???
Ino Garcia Pausanos
Scuba Diving Instructor


Friday, September 7, 2012 10:37:00 PM
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