The Oshima's Porcelain Crab

Around Puerto Galera, you can see many anemones and if you have the chance to take a closer look at this anemones, you will see that some of them have different animals living on them. One of the common animal that you can see is the Oshima's Porcelain Crab.


Porcelain Crab

The Oshima's Porcelain Crab are often seen in pairs and they feed on planktons. They can grow up to two and a half (2.5) centimeters. They have yellowish body and have a lot of tiny reddish to reddish brown spots all over it body. They have very fragile shell. When you get closer to them, they will move fast and try to hide themselves by going under the anemones.

Photo by Ino Garcia Pausanos

Monday, September 17, 2012 1:00:00 PM
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