Peter Asmussen and family


Peter Asmussen along with his mother, grandparents and relatives spent two weeks vacation at Coco Beach Island Resort for the first time. The family went to Tamaraw Falls, Mangyan Village and did other activities like water skiing and snorkeling. Everyday at 3 o’clock  in the afternoon, Peter played basketball with the Coco Beach Staff. A day before leaving the resort there was a basketball tournament between the guests and the Coco Staff and luckily Peter along his friends won over the staff with a point margin. The family celebrated Christmas and New Year at Coco Beach in which according to them was really a nice experience.

Last January 01, while having breakfast Peter celebrated his birthday with the Coco Staff serenaded him a birthday song. Peter and his family were all happy and had a memorable stay at Coco Beach and would love to come back again for another great experience.



Sunday, January 6, 2013 9:02:00 PM
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