Nathan Griffiths and Mary Grace Beron

Looking for a place away from city life, thirty five years old Nathan Griffiths and Mary Grace Beron found comfort at Coco Beach Island Resort. Their love story began one and a half year ago when Nathan first met Mary Grace in one of the restaurants in Puerto Galera. The couple stayed in the Heritage room for three days and two nights to relax and unwind. The pristine surrounding and wonderful smiling staff made their stay more enjoyable.


One afternoon while drinking wine by the swimming pool, Nathan asked the waiter Ricky how he fixed his hair? Ricky then shared that he was using egg white as hair gel. Nathan could not believe what he said and made a bet to Ricky.  He will give him one thousand pesos if he could make his hair the way he does to his hair using the egg white.

To prove to Nathan it was true, Ricky poured an egg white to his hair and after five minutes Ricky received Php 1000.00 from Nathan.

Despite of the not so co-operative weather during their stay, Nathan and Mary Grace had a great fun and leave us with a promise to come back.


Sunday, August 19, 2012 8:00:00 AM Categories: Guests
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