Macaroon Baking Lesson with Jeanet and Nanna

Nanna and Janet

Best of friends Nanna and Jeanet who shared same interest and likes.They decided to plan a trip to the Philippnes. They discovered Coco Beach through their travel agency in Denmark. Both of them, together with their new Danish friends at Coco Beach had a set of activities day by day. Jeanet and Nanna are 21 years old career women on their country.  During their holiday at the resort they went to Free Boat Tour and had a wonderful sightseeing to another beach. Best friends watched and joined Frog Race during their dinner time and had fun on our own version of Cockfight where two cocks are placed on the table and the first cock who fell down will be the loser. They had a wonderful time going to Tamaraw falls and Tukuran Lagoon and they really love the experience riding on a Carabao cart together with the other Danish guests. They book a Macaroon Baking Lesson with baker Raul at ten in the morning, mixed all the ingredients and wait for it to be finally done, and the baker serve it to them fresh and hot. Jeanet and Nanna said that they really enjoyed their stay at Coco Beach, and they are hoping to be back again. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 2:45:00 PM Categories: 101 Activities
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