Lene’s 46th Birthday

Lene Hansen and her family’s first visit to Coco Beach Island Resort was back in 2003. Now, she is on her 6th visit with her two grown sons Mads and Rasmus. Traveling with them are Lene’s parents Rise and Hans Larsen who are both now on their 18th visit to Coco Beach!

Rise and Hans were the first to arrive in Coco Beach. It was Lene’s idea to surprise her parents with a trip to Coco Beach with her sons. Lene and her sons arrived a few days after Rise and Hans. Her plan was to surprise them at their usual spot at the beach. Much to Lene’s surprise, Rise and Hans were not in their usual spot! So they ended up looking for them instead for a bit before making the big surprise.


The staff serenading Lene with a birthday song and Melody with Lene and her family

On April 1, Lene celebrated her 46th birthday (not an April Fool’s joke). Early in the morning, she was serenaded at her room’s balcony by Service Papa Mario and his wife Angie. After a very pleasant wake up call by her Service Family, she was again serenaded by the waiters and waitresses while having a breakfast. Lene got a chocolate cake - one of her favorite flavors.

After breakfast, Lene and her family together with her parents Hans and Rise, friends Willy and Nancy, Peter and Lis Juhl went on a whole day trip at Tukuran Water Falls with guide Darwin.

According to her she loves the place and the people who are always warm and friendly and go beyond their duty to make sure they have a nice holiday. One thing is certain they would come back again as long as they can.

Happy birthday, Lene. See you all back in Coco Beach!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:27:00 AM
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