Jeff and Jem Advance Anniversary Dinner

A charming pair, Jeff a Taiwanese and Jem a Filipina had been together for a year this coming February. It was an advance anniversary celebration that Jem arranged a surprise dinner for them. One quiet night when Jeff was in the room, one of our staff brought a postcard to him with a special message from Jem. As Jeff slowly walks going to the pool and searched to his girlfriend, still clueless to what will happen, what a surprised when four of the Coco Staff from Front Office Personnel as well as Djan gave him a red rose.


Every step he had, every walk he took, that is the moment when he went nearer to Jem. As planned, Jem will give the last red rose with her passionate kiss. The whole evening was a history for both of them as they enjoyed the dinner by the poolside.  As for them, they love the Coco Beach Island Resort for its quietness and relaxing ambience. But the most unforgettable experienced they had was when they shared their blessings by giving native children school supplies. To Jem and Jeff, congratulation in advance and every moment you spend vacation with us is like our beautiful dream that comes true.

Monday, January 14, 2013 2:48:00 AM
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