Halloween Treat for Kids


At ten o'clock this morning, all kids had fun joining the activities that Elian and Gen prepared for all of them. These includes Hitting the Pot, Jack O' Lantern Pin the Nose, Pabitin - a traditional Filipino game, Halloween T-shirt designing and Paper Mache making.


British national Sam and Grace, a half Korean-Filipino won the Hitting the Pot challenge. Second game was the Jack 'O Lantern Pin the Nose. Their task is to have the nose of the pumpkin properly pinned. Lucky winners on this game are Judy and Sofia. Afterwards, all kids gathered around and had a great time in the Pabitin Game. They were jumping as high as they can to grab the toys and goodies hanging.


After the last game in the playground kids proceeded to the Printing shop for the T-shirt designing and paper Mache making. In this activities kids will bring out their creativity and artistic talent.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 3:35:00 PM
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