Ghen and PJ's Birthday

Two of our Front Office staff at Coco Beach Island Resort celebrated their birthday last January 15, 2013. A simple and yet happy celebration that touched their hearts not only because it was their special day but also the people around them that truly cared for them, their Coco Beach Family.

Ghen, our youngest Front Office Staff just turned twenty. She is creative, responsible, bubbly, friendly and sweet woman despite her young age. A new member to Coco Beach Family but undeniably created memorable remarks to her co-employees in different aspects.

Peejay, was the other celebrant, he just turned 26th, a very cool, friendly, thoughtful and a rising host on Saturday party. Early in the morning, dining staff serenaded them with a Birthday Song and gave them a cake too.

Their colleague in the Front Office prepared desserts and loot bags just like a kid party with Spider Man, Barney and Spongebob theme. Everyone enjoyed and the birthday celebrant was very happy with all the greetings they received from the people around them.

To you Ghen and Peejay, Happy Birthday, we wish you both good health, more success and all the best throughout the year.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:56:00 PM
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