Flemming on his 70th Birthday

Skouboe Family headed by Flemming arrived at Coco Beach Island Resort for 2 weeks vacation. It was one of their friends who once been here who introduced Coco Beach to them. The family stayed in the Classic Bungalow cottages 2 and 3 near the beach with Gloria as their Service Mama.

Flemming and Glenna Skauboe are now together for 43 years. Flemming was a Handball coach before for 12 years while her wife Glenna was a player. They share that they chose their vacation here because it is good for family and they feel safe.

They celebrated Flemming’s 70th birthday during their stay.  While having breakfast at the Carabao Restaurant Garden he was surprised and so touched when the staff serenaded him with birthday song and gave him a birthday cake. More surprises came Flemming’s way throughout the day.

After breakfast the family took a banca on their way to Puerto Galera where they rode a local jeepney heading to Tukuran and Tamaraw Falls Tour. They enjoyed looking on the scenic view along the way passing the famous Tamaraw Falls.

Celebrating Flemming's 70th Birthday

In the evening, the family had a Special Dinner by the Beach in celebration of Flemming’s 70th Birthday. This was arranged earlier by his wife Glenna to surprise him. The family enjoyed dinner alfresco at the beach with own personal waiter attending to their needs the whole evening.

To Skauboe Family, thank you for sharing with us this special day.

Friday, April 13, 2012 6:16:00 PM
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