Faith Academy Group

Once again students and Faculty personnel from Faith Academy made up of 76 person headed by Neal Seaborn had their summer outing at Coco Beach Island Resort. They were really amazed at how the staff welcomed them with the song, shell necklace and refreshing Coconut juice.

Faith Academy Group

After getting their keys, everyone headed to their assigned rooms. All the boys stayed in the Super Banana Deluxe with amazing view of the sea while the girls occupied all the Family Deluxe room uphill with a promising view from their balcony.


Most of their stay was spent relaxing at the beach and at the swimming pool just playing in the water and having fun with each other. The next day around 25 students joined the Free Boat Tour to Bayanan Beach for swimming and snorkeling.


And those who were up for a more thrilling experience, they tried the Banana Boat Ride. You can hear from the beach the kids shouting every time the Banana boat was flipped upside-down. A must activity you have to experience while you are here.

Some of the kids enjoyed kayaking and playing basketball with each other.


On Saturday evening, Faith Academy group joined the Fiesta Grande dinner with Coco Band that entertained everyone the entire evening. To everyone's surprise. the girls in the Faith Academy group came to dinner donning  a white dress with matching a flower on their hair that made them look like a  “Diwata” or goddess.

Equally surprising is the resourcefulness and creativity of these lovely young ladies as in the nick of time, they all dressed that way. Wondering why they all have the same dress as if they planned it? It was because they all have the same white linens in the room and turned it to a dress. That’s how brilliant and creative these ladies could be.

Faith Academy with Chef Noel during Fiesta Grande

According to Neal, they enjoyed the night as well as the world class performance delivered by Lahing Batangan Dance troupe. They said that they truly enjoyed their stay and would love to come back next time.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 8:00:00 AM
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