Easter Sunday

It was an Easter filled of egg-citing activities at Coco Beach Island Resort which included Egg Hunting, Easter Mass, Dress up your Eggs, Egg relay, Easter Brunch, Sand Castle Contest, Children Parlor Games, Beach Volleyball Tournament, Papagayo Making Contest, Hoppy Hour with the Pirates Floating Bar and the Easter Dinner.

Elbert and the three sisters Rebecca, Nicolina and Cecilia happy with their Egg Hunt

Easter morning began with children looking everywhere hunting for the colorful eggs that were hidden a night before by the Security Personnel who acted as Coco Beach’s Easter Bunny. Inside those colorful eggs are corresponding cash prizes.

It was already lunch time and still no one found the Golden Egg yet. Some of the children asked for a hint where it could possibly hidden including eight-year-old Rennay. Rennay and her family come to Coco Beach every year to celebrate Easter with us. And so, Rennay already knew the drill and was very good at finding the Easter Eggs, except for the Golden Egg this year. Before breakfast, she approached Melody and asked for a hint and said she was getting hungry already. Still, she did not stop looking and after lunch, she found the Golden Egg and received a cash prize of Php 1,000.

Rennay and the Golden Egg

After having breakfast by the beach, some of the guest attended the Easter Mass at Puerto Galera.  By 9:00 in the morning, children and their parents as well were ready to bring out their talents in making the most colorful design in Dress up your Egg Contest. Kids who joined the contest were 7 ½ years old Noah Erlichman with his sister  Cecilia, six years old Yzzer, Elbert and Rennay. Winner in this contest is Noah, followed by Elbert and third place was awarded to six years old Yzzer.


Noah, Cecilia and Elbert with their colorful Easter Eggs


Then by 10:00 am four teams made up of fathers and their child competed in the Egg Relay contest at the pool. The teams were Lars and Oliver, Thomas & Sarah, Bobby & Anabella and the last pair Baste and Leila. The hard task was given to the daddies who have to go under the bridge in the pool and back while balancing a plastic egg on a spoon. The children only had to place the egg on the spoon and cheer on their daddies. And the speediest of them were the team of Lars and Oliver.


Oliver and Lars who won the game and Annabela and Bobby

Then a festive Easter Brunch was prepared by Chef Noel and his cooks to give everyone more energy for all the activities.

At 1 pm, three families showcased their talents and creativity in the Sand Castle Contest. Each family had one hour to make a beautiful sand creation. Brinch Family composed of Julie, children Cecilie, Nicoline and Rebecca took home the first prize.


Lyrn Family - Bobby, Lena and Annabella on second place and Brinch Family with Lars, Julie, Rebecca and Nikolina

In the afternoon, the Children’s Playground was filled with children and their parents joining the Parlor Games. The games were Pabitin where the cute small children tried to grab the candies, Hitting the Pot where the parents did their best to hit the pot as the children waited on for the candies. The kids and their parents had so much fun playing crazy funny games and winning even more prizes.

Little children reaching for the candies during the Pabitin, Lars breaks the palayok (pot) and daddies' Egg Race


While the kids were having fun in the playground, the never ending Beach Volley battle between the Coco Mangyan and Danish Dynamite began at 3 in the afternoon. After an hour of exciting and very tight game once again the Coco Mangyan regained their title and won over the Danish Dynamite.


After the Parlor Games, it was another crafty activity with the Papagayo or Kita Making which they flew in the afternoon at the beach.

Then, the most awaited (by the parents) Happy Hour was up. The Pirates Floating Bar invaded yet again the swimming pool while the Coco Band enterntained everyone with their songs. Since everyone was having so much fun, it was such a shame to end the Happy Hour at 5. So, we extended the Happy Hour festivities to 5:30 and the guests took over the band with their singing.


Pirates' Floating Bar

It was another fun festive Easter. Happy Easter to all and hope to see you back in Coco Beach!

Friday, April 13, 2012 12:14:00 PM
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