Coco Beach Hallooween Treats 2012


On October 31, Coco Beach Hallooween Treats started early morning as Chef Noel and his cooks prepared spooky breads at breakfast buffet such as Sweet cemetery, Bat bread, Pumpkin bread, Graveyard sausages, Mummy Sausages, Ogres eyes and Casper's white bread.

Carabao Restaurant and Anito Bar were decorated with cobwebs flanked by bats and ghost for a spooky touch. After breakfast, at around ten in the morning all kids had fun and great time with the activities prepared for them.

Then at dinner time around forty guests joined the Halloween Thriller Night buffet set -up at Carabao Garden. For starter they have Red Bloody soup with witch fingers, Monster toes, Creepy Intestines, Adam's Salad Bar, and for their main course, The Rings, Dracula's Ghoulash, Pork Adoboo, Casper's Chicken, Ogre eyes and Black rice and for desserts. Brain cupcakes and Fruit Zombie.

Some of the guest -kids wore hallooween face paint as well as the waiters and waitresess serving at dinner time.
Wearing hallooween face paint, Iraya band played their music to entertain everyone.

Happy Hallooween!

Monday, November 5, 2012 9:42:00 AM
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