Coco Beach’s Earth Hour

Coco Beach eagerly participated again in the world wide celebration of Earth Hour. On March 31, Coco Beach not only switched off the lights but also made extra steps to help protect the environment.


All the collected trash from the beaches

David and the rest of the Earth Warriors cleaning up Haligi, Agas and Long Beach

Around 9:30 in the morning guests, staff and boatmen joined in the Beach Clean Up at Haligi, Agas Beach and Long Beach. These are the beaches Coco Beach uses for the daily Free Boat Tour. The group collected lots of plastic and garbage during the cleaning operation. This is our simple way of showing mother earth that we care.

Late in the afternoon, around 50 in-house guests headed by Elian Caganan, Eugene Dizon and Dining Supervisor Rodel Lopez  joined in the Tree planting activity.


Mads, Rise and Willy help plant trees

Coco Beach's Earth Hour Tree Planting Team

At 8:30 in the evening during Garden Fiesta Party all lights were switched off for an hour. Children of the Service Families all dressed in white lined up at the garden holding a glass with candles. The children went around with lit candles and placed one at each table. This is not only environment friendly but it also added a little romantic touch and intimacy to the evening.


Children of the Service Families during Earth Hour

And to entertain them during the Earth Hour, the Silab Fire Dancers once again gave a fiery performance. Then it was time for the world class dance number rendered by Lahing Batangan Dancers. Around 80 guests joined in the Earth Hour celebration that night.

Coco Beach will continue to support and celebrate Earth Hour.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 1:05:00 PM
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