Coco Beach’s 3rd New Moon Party

Previously this event was held at the beach but due to not so cooperative weather we opted to hold it at the Carabao Restaurant’s Garden. Around 50 guests joined to party. Even though it rained some the day before, not a drop was seen during the New Moon Party! Maybe next time we’ll hold it in the beach and see if that scares away the rain.

For March’s New Moon Party, the crowd was entertained by Iraya Band, Pirates Band, Octopus Garden Band and the highly flammable Silab Fire Dancers.

The Pirates Band was formed during the Coco Explorer I and originally composed of the guides, crew and doctor of the said cruise ship. The remade Pirates Band are the Axalan siblings - Odi (one of the original pirates), Mariel and Jojo. The group sang Coco Beach’s famous song “Paradise Song”. This song is an original by Odi who used to be one of the guides in Coco Beach - and a famous one at that.

Octopus Garden Band is made up of seasonal artists. Leading the band and on drums/percussions is Jing Masilungan with Kulot Marquez on guitar and vocals, Japoy Shrimpy on percussions and DJ, the only woman and French in the band - Lorenza Kitrin on guitar and vocals. The band was formed less than a year ago. Why the strange band name? As they were forming the group, they were in one of the beaches of Puerto Galera and thought that this place (Puerto Galera) is a very tropical place with great dive sites and snorkeling areas...thus the name Octopus Garden Band.

It was pretty obvious that the party-goers had another New Moon Party blast. Next New Moon Party is on April 21 (Saturday). See you then!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 1:00:00 PM
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