A Coco Postcard to Knud and Kette

 Ghen and Joanne of Front Office 

Traveling from Denmark going to Coco Beach Island Resort to spend a vacation is the routine of Knud and Kette every year. They were here last November 2011 and stayed in one Hilltop room uphill with a fantastic view of the sea and surrounding. The couple also joined the celebration when Coco Beach turns to 25 years.  For eighteen nights of stay, they almost did the 101 suggested list of activities in and around the resort like diving, had a special dinner at the Revolving Restaurant and Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle and pampering themselves at the Salon and Spa. Late in the afternoon, or after dinner they always went in the Barracuda Bar as Willy, the friendly bartender, immediately  prepared them drinks while listening to the great music.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013 2:41:00 AM
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