Sister's Holiday Getaway 

With the help of their friends, Netherlander Sisters Angelique, Marie and Priscella can’t wait to their first visit at Coco Beach, although they visited the Philippine more often. They stayed in a suite rooms for 6 days and 5 night with their service Mama Belen and service Papa Elino. They went to the famous Tukuran Lagoon where they experienced a one of a kind carabao cart riding, sightseeing of natural rock formation in the lagoon, swimming and a barbecue lunch at the river side. Sisters love to hang out at the beach while having a happy hour drinks. Most of the time, they are at the beach sunbathing and swimming. The natural ambience, natural houses, wonderful and cheerful staffs are the most things that Coco Beach has, that makes us want to comeback; According to them.

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Jespersen Family on their Buko Pie Lesson 


Jespersen Family on their Buko Pie Lesson

The Jespersen family heard about Coco Beach from C&C Travel so they decided to book two weeks’ vacation availing the 22 Things package which consists of activities, lessons, meals and excursions arranged in the resort especially for them. Aside from the 22 Things package they also had the Tamaraw waterfalls and Tukuran Lagoon tour, diving, macaroon baking lesson, cooking lesson consisting of three course meal and for the very first time Baker Jun teach them how to make Buko Pie with simple and easy step. The Buko Pie Lesson is one of the new lists in 101 Activities of the resort. The guests were glad that the coconut pie taste good and delicious. The other things that they love about Coco Beach are the caring Service family, good food, nice weather, comfortable and safe place especially for the kids, and excellent staffs service that made their stay nice and wonderful so they definitely want to come back again.

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A Place to Remember 


Anthony and Gulmire at Coco Beach

The couple, Anthony and Gulmire went to Coco Beach for a reason. Anthony wants Gulmire to experience how beautiful Coco Beach is. The couple visited many other places and tourist spots here in the Philippines, but he prefers to show to his girlfriend the things he remembered in Coco Beach. They enjoy doing escapades together, and during their stay at Coco Beach they joined Free Boat Ride that goes to Haligi Beach for snorkeling and relaxing. His Chinese girlfriend is glad that everything comes natural, nice and hospitable staff, kind service, they love and enjoy everything especially the food and their favorite food is omelette at the breakfast buffet, they said the room is perfect especially at the balcony of the Super Banana Deluxe where they have a fantastic sea view, and mostly they love Coco Beach because of its quiet and peaceful amenities.

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Special Dinner for Chang, Kim and Urim 

Special Dinner for Chang, Kim and Urim

The Korean family experienced a Special Dinner at the Barracuda Bar balcony where they have a personal waiter to assists and serve them. The romantic dinner is a gift of Mr. Chang for his wife Kim and his three year old daughter Urim. The couple got married on the month of October of 2006, and Mr. Chang is working on a fabric company while Kim is taking care of their little daughter. The activities that they liked at Coco Beach were snorkeling and fish feeding. According to them they really appreciate the natural beauty of the resort because they have nice and relaxing stay with kind and friendly staff that made their holiday more fun.

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Garden Fiesta Party 

Filipinos adopted fiesta or festival celebration from Spaniards long time ago, and even in  modern times still many of the areas in the Philippines practice different fiestas. Coco Beach have Garden Fiesta party celebrated every other Saturday,and the Fiesta present's different traditional folk dances and foods during the celebration. The party started with cocktail drinks and pika-pika at Anito Bar, and at dinner starting from salad down to desserts are Seafood Mango Salad, Prawns Thermidore, Chicken Ala Coco, Roasted Pig which is actually a traditional course during fiestas, Rice Cake, fresh fruits and on the buffet there is Salad Bar, Roasted Potatoes, Steamed Rice, and Steamed Veggies which you may enjoy while watching the presentation prepared for the guests who joined the Fiesta.

Hosted by Pee Jay and Jeanly, they introduced different folk dances during party. Performers are Coco Kids, the children of Coco Beach employees which have been trained by Charisse of Dining department. Coco kids can play and dance many traditional Filipino dances such as Harana-traditional courtship dance that portray a romantic theme, Maglalatik-Coco kids-boys perform the dance by hitting one coconut shell with the other, Itik-Itik- the dance steps imitate the movements of ducks, Sayaw sa Palayok-dance of the Clay Jar or Pot, Tinikling-involves two performers hitting bamboo poles, using them to beat, tap, and slide on the ground, while other dancers steps over and in between poles, for Service Mamas they can do Mazurka-characterized by stamping feet and clicking heels and traditionally danced to the music of bagpipes, Subli is-a dance to honor the crucifix, Mangyan dance, Manobo Dance, Sayaw sa Payong-dance using umbrellas and the Shopping Arcade staff can dance Pandanggo sa Ilaw-involves balancing oil lamps on head and hands, Salakot-dancers portray the use of the head gear with grace.For additional entertainment Coco Band set the party with their variety of songs.

Surely the guests enjoyed and had a lot of fun, while dancing and singing.

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