A Coco Postcard to Jan Larsen 


Kerwyn from Dinning Department

Jan escapade in the Philippines through the help of C&C Travel was full of exciting activities.  He showed his diving skills and dive in to the best dive sites in Puerto Galera. Titivate himself is as easy as going to Behiya Salon and let the beautician handle the details he wants. Delight in the Italian taste of pizzas with our own version of different toppings at Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle and caught the flavor of delicious foods in Coco Grill near the Silent Pool. They had a fine dining at Doña Lina Revolving Restaurant. They bet in a unique frog race arranged by the Bartenders.

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A Coco Postcard to Tom Burrage 

Erwin, Rosie and Jemuel from the Dinning Department

A joyful and lively family went to Coco Beach island Resort to freshen up and take some activities that they want to experience. The family travel around Puerto Galera, they took some pictures in Tamaraw Falls and enjoy the natural setting of the place and then after, they see the sights at White Beach by riding Hummer Jeepney. They bond together by joining the Free Boat Ride which the resort offers everyday every 9:30 to 11:45 in the morning which goes to another beautiful island beach. Considering the beauty underwater they did snorkeling tour to observe the copiousness of marine life. The family is so friendly and before leaving, each member gains more friends in the resort and they promise to come back. See you again on your next visit!

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A Coco Postcard to Tatia Paver 

Jessica from the Service Family

As Tatia loves the ocean view and private balconies they choose the Hilltop Room which is located at the topmost of the resort. The family enjoyed the mouth-watering lunch at Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle Restaurant that offers variety of pasta and pizzas. Satisfied with their dinner at the Coco Grill and ordered Asian dishes from our different menu specialties. See you at your next visit at Coco Beach Island Resort!

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A Coco Postcard to Sandra Mittet 

Estella from the Service Family

Loving the place Sandra with her two best friends stayed at the Coco Beach Island Resort for almost two weeks vacation by the help of C&C Travel in Denmark. Very relaxing place with lots of trees, plants and flowers around made them feel more energized and gratified. Together with Maja and Karina they went through many activities and some of them are Mangyan Village tour going to the mountain, go around Puerto Galera and visit the Excavation Museum, Haligi Beach Picnic, kayaking and they also had a bonding time together while having a manicure and pedicure at Behiya Salon and full body massage at Behiya Massage and Spa. Many Coco Beach staffs are looking forward for your next visit.

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Family Gabon Coco Beach Escapade 

Gabon Family Macaroon Baking Lesson

A group of thirteen persons, Family Gabon, headed by Myla spent their rainy holiday at Coco Beach Island Resort in three of our Heritage rooms. As they enter the resort the Coco Beach staff welcomes them singing the Coco Beach song, lei on with a shell necklace and served them with a refreshing coconut juice.

Gabon Family Macaroon Baking Lesson

According to them, their stay was full of learnings for everyone. On their first day the family just hangs out at the pool, having drinks and relaxing while others are swimming. At dinner the family enjoyed the Barbeque Dinner Party because they all loved grilled foods. On the second day, they learned to make banana cake with Mama Lalay's lesson every morning and after having lunch, coco soap making was next on their list this time Papa Mario will help them. The activities are not yet over, before they depart from the resort, another lesson they made was Macaroons Baking. 

For Gabon Family, thank you for choosing Coco Beach as your place to stay with. Until next time!

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