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New Moon Party 2013 

The last New Moon party of the year, with Barbecue buffet on the dinner table was held last December 03, 2013. New Moon party is a monthly event at Coco Beach where you can witness two of our local bands performing their type of music. These two local bands are named Coco Band, who used to play variety of songs for a long time and Iraya Band, who loved to play reggae music. At exactly half past seven in the evening the party started and hosted by Pj, one of the office personnel and Jeanly, one of the lead vocalist of Coco Band. Having a great music compromises the dancing and singing of the guests who joined the party.

The participants of the party were composed of different nationality that came from different countries, local and international. In overall experience of the guests really enjoyed the great party, and can only be seen at Coco Beach. In addition to their good memories, guests were amazed by the performance of the two Fire dancers with their good combination of dancing and playing fire ball attached to the chain.

To all the New Moon party participants we thank you for your cooperation and see you on next year New Moon party.

Saturday, December 7, 2013 12:15:00 PM Categories: Events
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Mystic Shore Beach Party 2013 

Mystic Shore Beach party 2013 is a big success! Joined by almost one hundred and twenty participants including in-house and walk-in guests.  Featuring seven bands, First Peter band from Batangas City, Chocolate Factory and Reggae Mistress of Manila and Late Session II, Coco Band, Green Leafy and Iraya Band which are the local bands of Puerto Galera.

The party became lively and active as the bands strike their performances as the guests dance and move to the beat.  The music floats on the air and made everybody feel the party ambiance. The participants watched and was amazed by the exceptional fire routine of Art Tactics as five fire dancers play and dance with the flames in front of the audience.  The party starts and ends by having lots of surprises for all the guests to enjoy with. While having the local drinks and the platter of pica-pica hosts Jeanly and Pj called number a of guests for some games with great prices. Photo booth is also open, for all who wants to have a photo souvenir of Mystic Shore Beach party.

For all who joined the second Mystic Shore Beach Party "Thank you very much" for your cooperation and hope to see you all again on the next celebration.

Thursday, November 14, 2013 4:28:00 PM Categories: Events
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Halloween Party 2013 


As part of Halloween celebration, Coco Beach family organized a whole day full of activities and surprises. Started at 7:00 am, as Chef Addie prepared a Halloween breakfast to enjoy fresh breads, tasty pastries and fresh fruits and a lot more. After breakfast, all kids are ready and prepared for the Halloween activities organized by the activity guys. Eyeball Toss Game, Pin the nose on Jack O Lantern, Pumpkin Toss and Mummy this are the games that everybody enjoyed not only for the kids but for the whole family.

Then, the time that all adults have been waiting for "THE HAPPY HALLOWEEN" hour time. Where they enjoyed different Halloween cocktails like Dracula Kiss, Bloody Mary, Zombie, Piña Ghoulada, Jack O’ Lantern and a lot more prepared by our Crazy Bartenders.

The moment that all have been waiting for, the Halloween dinner party together with Coco Band. The kitchen department prepared a 8 meal courses named in different scary names. There are 32 guests joined the party in their most creepy and scary Halloween costume. There are also raffles draws and games like Noodling around, doughnut bobbing and pass the pumpkin. All winners got a bottle of wine as their prize. Before the party end up, we announced the most creepy and scary Halloween costume. The winners got a special and romantic dinner at the beach. Finally, Party…..Party……Party……

See you next Halloween

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 1:40:00 PM Categories: Events
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Mytic Shore Beach Party 2013 

Mystic Shore Beach Party 2013

3 local drinks, Platter of pica-pica, Games and prices, Photo Booth, Fire Dancers, Live Bands.


First Peter Band

Reggae Mistress

Chocolate Factory

Coco Band

Iraya Band

Late Session II

Green Leafy Band


Friday, October 11, 2013 5:43:00 PM Categories: Events
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Halloween Treats 2013 

Halloween Treats 2013 at Coco Beach Island Resort

Celebrate Halloween at Coco Beach Island Resort. We are inviting everyone to come and have fun with your family and kids as we prepared lots of activities for this year’s Halloween.

7:00am - 10:00am           

- enjoy Halloween breakfast that Chef Addie and our bakers prepared for you this morning.

10:00am – 3pm                

- Halloween activities for kids & kids at heart…. join and win lots of prizes

  • Eyeball Toss game
  • Pin the nose on the Jack O Lantern
  • Pumpkin Toss
  • Mummy wrap- players could be father& son, mother & daughter or best friends

3pm – 4pm                        

- Halloween cocktail mixing contest

Participants on this contest will be asked to create their own amazing Halloween cocktail. 

Criteria for this contest are the following:

  • Execution/presentation including garnishing -35%
  • Taste - 40%
  • Originality  - 25%

Prizes are:  1st prize - 1 bottle of wine and certificate
                  2nd prize- Coco Beach T-shirt and certificate
                  3rd prize – Regular Massage and Certificate

4pm – 5pm                        

- it’s Halloween Happy Hour time, enjoy any of our bartender’s  version of Halloween cocktails such as Dracula kiss, Bloody Mary, Zombie, Pina Ghoulada, Jack o lantern cocktail and a lot more…

  • There will be a raffle draw also, the more you order happy hour cocktails the more entry you have and the more chance to win free cocktail of your choice.

7:30pm – 10:30pm          

-  dressed up in your most creepy and scary costume and win a special dinner by the beach for two with a bottle of chilled wine.

9:00pm -10:00pm – Break in Games

  • Noodling Around
  • Doughnut bobbing
  • Pass the pumpkin

Halloween Dinner w/ Coco Band

Php 690 per person



(Strawberry, watermelon, cherries and gummy worms)



(Tomato culi with cream)



(With mayo dip)


(Fried nachos with parmessan & garlic dipping sauce)




(Grilled vegetables with Italian dressing)

Main Course:


(Grilled marinated baby back ribs)

“FREDDIES LIVER” (on Nightmare on Elm Street)

(Chicken liver with bacon, onion in tomato sauce)

“JASON’S PAN SEARED TUNA” (on Friday the 13th)

(Seared tuna with fresh basil & tomato sauce)


(Dice of beef cook in tomato sauce with some vegetables)


(With spinach, cheese & crab meat)

Side Dishes:


(Steamed rice, Black rice and Fried Potatoes)



(Chocolate cake)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 2:22:00 PM Categories: Events
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