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Service Boys Outing 

July 24, 2012 when the Service Boys had their outing at Bulabod Beach accompanied by Elian and Ronnie as the facilitator of the games. Service boys are members of the Service Family who help them clean and attend to the guests needs. You can see them carrying guest luggage’s to their assigned room. Assist the service Mamas in making–up your bed and cleaning up the room.

During their outing they were divided into two teams, Chick Boyz and Cheap Boyz.  They enjoyed the beach relay, tug of–war and beach volleyball games.


Cheap Boyz won the beach volleyball and tug-of–war. They received one thousand pesos as winning prize while the Chick Boyz got five hundred pesos. As seen to their faces, they were all happy and had fun in the outing.

Saturday, August 4, 2012 6:05:00 AM Categories: Service Family
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Service Mama’s Outing 

All the Service Mamas headed by Angie together with Lalay, Emma, Evelyn, Cherry, Rosalie, Anna, Maribel, Joy, Delia, Gloria and Estella had their outing in Calapan last July 4, 2012. Calapan is the capital city of Oriental Mindoro.

Service mama's jump shot

Coco Beach's in-house nurses Glaiza & Christine and one of the guests Sabine von Stamm also joined the outing. This was a great bonding moment for all the Mamas, to relax and have some fun after a long busy season. Everyone enjoyed the food that each of them brought for lunch while in their whole afternoon was spent on karaoke singing and parlor games.

Mama Ana singing diva

In the absence of the Service Mamas all the work was left to the hands of the Papas. And they are not complaining as they will also have their own picnic after service mamas.

Thursday, August 2, 2012 7:56:00 PM Categories: Service Family
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Sabine's Trip & Yoga 

Recently, a German national Sabine von Stamm who is now based in Denmark for 30 years stayed at Coco Beach Island Resort for eight days and seven nights.  She is a midwife and a Yoga teacher in Denmark. It was her sister in-law who had stayed here before who recommended Coco Beach.

Yoga lesson at Heritage Hall

During her stay she was well taken cared of by her service family Angie and Mario in cottage 23A. She finds the staff very friendly and always at the best of their service which one can easily feels at home and further amazed at how everyone here can remember the names of every guest. Also she offered a Yoga lesson to all service Mamas which was held at the Heritage Hall and joined by other guest.

Sabine with the service mama's outing

Sabine went on a snorkeling trip where she enjoyed colorful marine life, kayaking and swimming at the beach. But the most memorable one was the outing with the service mamas. The fun and joy they all shared was truly amazing experiences that she would gladly come back for another holiday.

Thursday, July 26, 2012 8:13:00 AM Categories: Service Family
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Dance Aerobics with Service Mamas 

The Service Mamas are on a fitness buzz! Aside from helping the rest of their families taking care of you and your room during your stay at Coco beach Island Resort, they have started working out as well.

Join the Service Mamas every Friday at seven in the morning for a Dance Aerobic Lesson at the Tennis Court. They say this is a pleasant way of burning those excess calories from your dinner and to help achieve a healthy body.

This lesson is headed by Mama Estella of the Family Deluxe rooms 22 A, B, C and Q and Suite rooms 12 A and B. With her are other Mamas like Angie, Joy, Gloria, Cherry, Anna, Rosalie, Jessica, Maribel and Lalay. So get up early and dance with them to a healthy you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012 10:46:00 AM Categories: 101 Activities Service Family
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