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A Coco Postcard to Morten and Torill Berg 

Melody from the Front Desk Department

Our lucky recipient of today's Coco Postcard is the Norwegian Couple, Morten and Torill. They are one of our frequent guest at Coco Beach Island Resort. The couple owns a travel agency in Norway that also sent many guests to spent their vacation here at Coco Beach. Being in a place that is so close to nature with mountains and beaches surrounding the area gives a serene feeling. That's one among many reasons why the couple kept on coming back here and even their guests who have been to Coco Beach before.

Monday, June 17, 2013 10:44:00 AM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to Rise and Jan Larsen 

Rodel, Supervisor of the Dinning Department

Our returning Danish guests, named Rise and Jan Larsen really love the Coco Beach Island Resort, it's cozy ambience and even the staff surrounds them. These are the reason why they always coming all the way from a very long travel from Denmark. They are a friend to all. During their stay, they always wanted to be with Mama Stella and Papa Frankie's cottage. Hanging at the beachfront while watching the calmness of the sea and enjoying happy hour at the poolside made them feel more comfortable and relaxed. More visits to come and memories to be cherished at Coco Beach Island Resort.

Sunday, June 16, 2013 1:59:00 PM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to Rohan Prakash 

Jojo from the Activity Center

UK Market Operations Manager, Rohan Prakash had his ocular visit at Coco Beach Island Resort last May. He occupied a Banana Deluxe bungalow uphill with a mesmerizing view of the sea from his balcony. On his second day he rented a mountain bike for some adventure around Puerto Galera. He also went on a trekking tour at Mount Baclayan. Thank  you so much Rohan and we really hope it would be a start of your many visits here.

Sunday, June 16, 2013 1:13:00 PM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to John del Rosario 

Joey, Zenny, Jemuel, Melody and Kervin from the Coco Beach Family

Coco Beach Island Resort is a memorable place for John del Rosario as it was here where his wedding took place years ago. The beautiful wedding was witnessed by their family and close friends who came here all the way from different places. Their last visit here was three years ago with new addition to the family. To John del Rosario and family, thank you so much and we are looking forward to welcoming you again.

Friday, June 14, 2013 3:43:00 PM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to Sheryl D'Haenen 

Zeny and Bert from the Dinning Department

Sheryl D'Haenen and her husband together with their 2 sons spent another vacation at Coco Beach Island Resort last May 16 to 19 of this year. She had been here several times already. According to her its the relaxing ambience of the place and the warm hospitality of the staff which gives them the feeling at home . Playing at the pool and watching movies at Coco Cinema while enjoying freshly cooked popcorn is what her kids enjoyed during their stay. Thank you so much D'Haenen Family for always choosing to stay with us.

Thursday, June 13, 2013 5:37:00 PM Categories: Coco Postcard
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