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JFE Company Outing 

The JFE Engineering company visited Coco Beach Island Resort for an over night company outing. They booked through our office in Manila and stayed in our Heritage rooms. Together with the stay is a full board meal arrangement. Upon their arrival, a welcome lei was given and a welcome drinks was served. As apart of their stay, they conducted team building 28 persons from their staffs are divided into three groups.Each group are competitive and always game in any challenges or obstacles prepared by their activity coordinator with the help of our Coco Beach staff. At dinner they enjoy the delicious food are prepared along the beach shore and thereafter their dinner they sing along with a videoke for the rest of the night .


Before they leave they joined the free boat ride that will take them to another island and enjoy snorkeling and swimming for 2 hours. They brought in one of beautiful beach here in Puerto Galera. If you guys are looking for a nice place to spend with, Coco Beach Island Resort is the right choice. Thank You for spending your holidays with us!


Monday, April 22, 2013 2:59:00 PM Categories: Guests
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Almoro Clan Relaxing Holiday 

Almoro clan headed by Ms. Mayline spent 2 nights and 3 days at Coco Beach Island Resort. Through web browsing they found this place and decided to spend their vacation here. With the family of 25 members, the group arrived via private boat and stayed at the Heritage rooms. Upon arrival the staff welcomes them singing the Coco Beach Song, with a shell necklace and buco juice which amazed them. On April 07, a member of the family whom they fondly call Bubut celebrated her 50th birthday. While having breakfast at Dolphin 2 the staff serenaded her with a birthday song. She was so happy and thanked the staff for the gestures.
At around lunch time the group wearing their Hawaian costume had their picture taking by the pool. A buffet lunch by the pool was also prepared for them. According to them it was really a relaxing vacation and had enjoyed it. Most of their time was spent lounging at the pool, swimming at the beach and playing sungka.
Hapy 50th Birthday Ms. Bubut and wishing you all the best from Coco Beach Family.
Thursday, April 18, 2013 6:05:00 PM Categories: Guests
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Vivian and Christian 

It was during an annual jogging event in Denmark where Christian and Vivian first met. Since then they became a couple and enjoys each others company for almost two years now. The couple spent eight nights and nine days at Coco Beach Island Resort. Christian Norup is fund raising manager in Denmark while Vivian is a teacher. They bought this travel package through C&C Travel Denmark.

The couple stayed in the classic deluxe near the beach with hammock in their balcony. Aside from lounging at the pool and relaxing at the beach which they mostly did during their stay, they also availed other treatment and services offered by Behiya Spa & Salon.

According to them this vacation was such a wonderful and memorable one. But for Vivian the most unforgettable was the surprised Romantic Dinner at the beach that Christian secretly arranged. A nice table set–up with flowers, candle lit and own personal waiter attending to their needs the entire evening made it even more special.

Monday, August 20, 2012 8:21:00 AM Categories: Guests
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Nathan Griffiths and Mary Grace Beron 

Looking for a place away from city life, thirty five years old Nathan Griffiths and Mary Grace Beron found comfort at Coco Beach Island Resort. Their love story began one and a half year ago when Nathan first met Mary Grace in one of the restaurants in Puerto Galera. The couple stayed in the Heritage room for three days and two nights to relax and unwind. The pristine surrounding and wonderful smiling staff made their stay more enjoyable.


One afternoon while drinking wine by the swimming pool, Nathan asked the waiter Ricky how he fixed his hair? Ricky then shared that he was using egg white as hair gel. Nathan could not believe what he said and made a bet to Ricky.  He will give him one thousand pesos if he could make his hair the way he does to his hair using the egg white.

To prove to Nathan it was true, Ricky poured an egg white to his hair and after five minutes Ricky received Php 1000.00 from Nathan.

Despite of the not so co-operative weather during their stay, Nathan and Mary Grace had a great fun and leave us with a promise to come back.


Sunday, August 19, 2012 8:00:00 AM Categories: Guests
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Baboy Game with Ivan and Tage Andersen 

Once again staffs gathered in one long table to play the Baboy game with Ivan and Tage Andersen. In this game, the player may earn points after tossing the two rubber pigs as point system depends on their landing position. Engaging in this game brings so much fun and a great bonding moment with everyone.

Winners will get special prizes while the losers usually end up washing the dishes or cleaning-up the beach.

First batch was played by the evening shift, around 32 players joined the game but only 4 were lucky to get prizes. They are Chito from kitchen department, Rodel Lopez from Dining department, Erico Ruben and waiter Arvin.


                                         Evening shift winners                                                                                  Morning shift winners

Twenty eight players from morning shift played the next day. Luca also joined on the second batch of players and added cash prize to the winners. After four rounds winners are Elian, Edwin and Sahlee.

This time no diswashing for the loser but they will play and has to beat Tage in the soccer game next time they are back at Coco Beach Island Resort.

Thursday, August 16, 2012 11:00:00 AM Categories: Guests
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