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Pacific Surgical Inc. 

Pacific Surgical is a medical device and equipment distributor that provides innovative surgical products in the Philippines for almost eight years. Moreover, nineteen employees headed by their Managing Director Mr. William Steedman traveled down to Coco Beach for some sort of relaxation. With their first warm and sunny day at the resort, boys had basketball game with our staff while girls hang around the area to check other amenities.

They set a dinner at Coco Grill which gave them fun and happy memories of a wonderful time together. Mr. William also arranged a beach hopping tour on their second day  for his colleagues where they enjoy BBQ lunch, snorkeling and swimming at four beautiful coves and beaches such as Bayanan, Long Beach, Mangrove, Haligi Beach. All are first timers and they all enjoyed their stay at Coco Beach.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 6:28:00 PM Categories: Coco Blog Guests
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Kalis Family at Coco Beach 

Kalis Family Getaway

Kalis family was planning to go on a vacation and simply just want to spend quality time together. While Katharina, one of the daughters found out about Coco Beach through surfing online.  The family is based on Singapore for almost six years and went to the Philippines to have a good holiday. Travelling down, all  members of the family  are all first timers at Coco Beach, they are excited to see and experience the breeze and ambiance of the native style surroundings. The family stayed at the Hilltop Rooms for four days and three nights which according to them they had a fantastic and best sea view,  where they feel the warm cuddle from the fresh air. And as their minds start connecting to nature they did some activities,  even  it was raining it didn’t stop them to have fun and enjoy such as going to another beach for snorkeling and swimming as they signed up for a Free Boat Ride.  Watched movies together at our very Coco Cinema, amazed and bet to a one of a kind of race starring "The Frogs".  Had cooking lesson with Chef Addie, and learned how to cooked and prepared Pinutas dish. They had a wonderful dinner at Coco Grill because of the food and James, the waiter who assists them is friendly and nice. Savor and delight in pasta and pizza of Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle.

Kalis Family learned how to cooked and prepared Pinutas dish

For them, aside from activities, peaceful place, fantastic rooms, they also love the hospitality applied by the staffs as they feel they are treated like a true family as everyone is nice, friendly, warm and accommodating. For their experiences the family said they would definitely be back and will recommend the place to their friends.

    May the warm feelings stays with you and thank you for choosing Coco Beach.

    Till your next visit!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 11:08:00 AM Categories: Guests
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Family Yoshida Tukuran Lagoon Tour 

A Group of five people headed by Ms. Duma Ersie and her Japanese husband Masaaki Yoshida are all first timers who want to have a wonderful getaway experience in a tropical resort. They found out Coco Beach Island Resort through web browsing. With the help of our booking office in Manila, they booked for 5 days and 4 nights in Heritage Room our only air-conditioned room with hot and cold water and cabled TV. When they arrived, the Coco Beach Staff welcomed them with a refreshing Coconut Juice drinks and of course a welcome lei made out of shells.

As part of their holiday, they joined the Tukuran Lagoon Tour where they experienced to witness the natural rock formation and the flowing fresh water from the falls to the lagoon. Together with other guests, they savored with their bountiful lunch while enjoying the panoramic view of the place. Then after, they headed back to the resort, although it is a tiring activity they still enjoyed the whole trip with smile on their faces.

A night before their departure they tried the mouthwatering Asian Cuisines served at Coco Grill Restaurant.

Thank You for spending your holiday with us!

Sunday, September 15, 2013 2:20:00 PM Categories: Guests
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Dinner at Coco Grill 

Mr. Park and Family and Australian couple Jhon Beacker

One of the four restaurants offered in Coco Beach is Coco Grill. Relish and enjoy by their collections of delectable Asian cuisine and matched it by choices of mostly different charcoal cooked dishes.  Coco Grill restaurant is located at the hill side part of the resort where you can possibly catch the stunning view of the sea while having your meal and that is what Korean family of Mr. Park and an Australian couple Jhon Beacker and his wife tried for the first time.  They are all satisfied with the dishes fused with Asian flavours. Along with that Park family also tried activities offered by the resort like Free Boat Ride where they enjoy swimming and snorkeling for two hours at Long Beach. The family loves to bond at Dolphin 1, the dining area near swimming pool. While Jhon and his wife loves to dive and look for a fantastic underwater scene. The couple also had a wonderful night having a special dinner by the beach. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013 3:29:00 PM Categories: Guests
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Nehrujee Family Getaway 

Nehrujee Family

Looking for a serene place for their family get together Chrisanta Nehrujee and her family made up of seventeen persons headed on to their  first ever vacation at Coco Beach Island Resort. Here they spent more time together for a total of four days and three nights. Their first activity was to tour around the resort with their Service Mama Ana to get familiarized with the facilities.

 While the guys are having fun exploring the beauty of underwater marine life others joined with mountain guide Edwin for a trekking tour to Mount Baclayan.  It was indeed a new experience to them and they really enjoyed it.

Nehrujee Family

On their first night they had a barbeque dinner party at Carabao Garden with Late Session band to entertain them and other in-house guests while feasting on delicious foods that Chef Addie and his cooks prepared that evening.

On Tuesday night the family tried different dishes served at Coco Grill Restaurant. It was a special night as they celebrate the wedding anniversary of the two couples, Rajini & Selva and Ranji & husband Babu. Celebration was not over yet as the next morning before the end of their vacation Rajini celebrated her 46th birthday. The staff greeted and serenaded her with birthday song which they find it sweet.

To Nehrujee Family, thank you so much and it was our great pleasure having your family here.

Monday, September 9, 2013 2:27:00 PM Categories: Guests
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