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A Coco Postcard to Laurence Lion 

Djan from Dining Department

From Manila, Coco Beach is just a short trip by means of land and boat transfers and enjoy the ambiance of the natural breeze. Mr. Laurence with his wife and two sons choose Coco Beach as one of their travel destination here in the Philippines. His two sons played and enjoyed basketball together after their family lunch at Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle.

Friday, October 18, 2013 2:15:00 PM Categories: Coco Postcard
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10th New Moon Party 2013 

Late Session Band and Guest's

Last October 05, 2013 we celebrated 10th monthly New Moon Party with a Barbecue buffet dinner, held at the beach front. Two local bands from Puerto Galera performed their acts, The Iraya Band opens the party as they take the beat on air and performed reggae music followed by Late Session II Band who played and sang variety of songs.

Iraya Band and Guest's

The party was participated and joined by almost 61 in-house guests with different nationalities. The party cannot be completed without our very own two party hosts named Pee Jay, from front office department and Jeanly, lead vocalist of our in-house band who made the party more lively and bubbly. As guests enjoyed the party, they grooved and move to the beat of music while enjoying grilled foods on the buffet.   

In addition to the celebration, fire dancer from Manila amazed guests by his one of a kind performance by playing the fire while dancing to the rhythm.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 4:30:00 PM Categories: New Moon
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A Coco Postcard to Dorte Djursgard 

Dennis from Dining Department

Dorte of Demark appreciates the Filipino hospitality and accommodation upon arrival at Coco Beach. Welcomed by fresh coconut juice and lei as  she showed her joy with sweet smile on her face.  Some of her activities while having her vacation at Coco Beach were going around the island’s area by kayak, and went out to explore Puerto Galera. Toast for a wonderful nights while having her favorite cocktails at Barracuda Bar. She had a massage to feel the rejuvenation of her body and mind. She took the opportunity to dine in, at Coco Grill restaurant and taste the food. She watched our Chef at Doña Lina Revolving restaurant prepared their meal and had a fantastic fine dining experience.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 3:38:00 PM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to Linn Therese Amundsen 

Jessica from Service Family

To experience the scenic natural surroundings as clear as  sea water. The sea  is inviting you to come and take a dip. This is how Ms. Linn spent her holiday with extended stay at Coco Beach. The calmness that the place brought to everybody put smiles in every face, as they stayed at Hilltop Room where the good looking view reflects on their balcony. Ms. Linn also took the chance to be delighted on our four restaurants as she enjoyed the dishes that our cooks prepared. Her Service Mama, Jessica will send Coco Postcard for her to give warm greetings and to invite her for next holiday at Coco Beach.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 10:34:00 AM Categories: Coco Postcard
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A Coco Postcard to Janilr Bard 

Angie & Mario from Service Family

Swiss national, Janilr and company enjoyed the sunrise on a tropical paradise with a light feeling. As they taste the freshly baked bread made by our bakers for breakfast,  their vacation was as easy as enjoying the foods and beverages offered by the resort. They’ve been in Trattoria Sotto le Stelle, to taste our home made pizzas and pastas with Filipino touch. Tasted the flavorful Asian cuisine at Coco Grill while at the same time looking at a fantastic sea view, and had a fine dining experience at Doña Lina Revolving restaurant. She always loves to hang out at Barracuda bar and enjoys her drinks while watching others playing darts and billiards. As part of their holiday they also came out for a series of dives where they admired Puerto Galera’s underwater world.  They had wonderful excursions and bought souvenirs for them to take home.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 10:22:00 AM Categories: Coco Postcard
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